About Us

Welspring Universal is a privately held company since 1982, with 3 generations of engineering manufacturing behind it. We manufacture a variety of engineering products, and specialize in the welding sector. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce over 1000 different products for OEM's, domestic and international distributors, and worldwide exports to over 70 countries. 

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include:

  • metal fabrication
  • sheet metal, tube/pipe processing
  • metal forging & casting
  • plastic injection moulding
  • plastic compression moulding
  • rubber moulding
  • powder coating & electro-plating
  • in-house die & tooling development
  • shot-blasting
  • tailor services

Not only limited to welding accessories, Welspring is a manufacturing house for various industries such metal furniture, oil & gas, and performing arts.

Welspring Universal has earned a well-respected name both in India and abroad for offering a wide range of quality products, good customer service, and high business ethics.

Commitment to Quality

Welspring Universal is reputed for superior product quality, and excellent technical expertise in the products we manufacture. We are ISO 9001 certified, and are equipped with an updated, fully-functioning laboratory for testing and R&D purposes, in-house CAD facilities, and a quality assurance and development team of over 20 members. Our successful handing of quality control has given us a clear edge over our competitors, and sets us apart in the manufacturing sphere. Our products meet all current CE and ANSI norms where applicable. We offer a full product replacement warranty if they are found defective.

All of this has made Welspring the number 1 brand name in arc welding accessories, and a formidable manufacturing house.

Customer Service

At Welspring, prompt customer service is given high importance. Our communication response time is the envy of our competitors. We aim to service every question, query, complaint or needs of our customers to the best of our ability, and always for synergy.

India's difficult infrastructure notwithstanding, we are able to provide customers with timely deliveries on our wide range of self-manufactured products. Speedy deliveries across a wide range of products becomes a critical factor for our customers competitiveness. 

Manufacturing Facilities

With a total of over 200,000 square feet (20,000 square meters) of manufacturing facilities, a well-matured team of over 400 workers, Welspring is a formidable manufacturing unit. A great harmony with our workers, staff, suppliers, and environment shows in the products we make. 

We are committed to upgrading our manufacturing capabilities in order to offer a better quality & consistency in our products. We have made many strides in switching to greener manufacturing methods, with tremendous care for the environment, such as using RoHS compliant constituents, recycling and reusing waste products, sewage treatment units, chemical treatment units, and greener production methods.

First and foremost, we are an metal fabrication facility capable designing, reverse engineering, improving, and creating a wholly-controlled, high quality product for your needs.