ER 70S-6 MIG Welding Wire

Our MIG wires are made of high grade mild-steel wire rods, resulting in porosity-free, high strength welds for a smoother welding experience.  Our precision layer-wound wire allows for a consistent welding process, smooth feeding, stable arc, and minimum spatter under optimal welding conditions. In addition, a uniform copper coating results in a high shelf life in normal weather conditions.

ER 70S-6 MIG wire is ideal for use in civil construction, maintenance, metal fabrication factories, automotive industry, ship building, general fabrication and many more applications.


AWS A/SFA5.18: ER 70S-6

  • All position welding

  • Butt and fillet welding of sheet and plate of a variety of thickness

  • HVAC duct work

  • General carbon steel structural welding

  • Heavy equipment


  • Industrial, farming, construction and mining equipment

  • Automotive repair

  • For welding on metals with a medium to high presence of dirt, rust or mill scale

  • Single pass welds on sheet metal applications

  • Multiple pass welds on thick sections

spool sizes:

270 mm | 300 mm | Other sizes available upon request

Spool weight:

12.5 kg | 13.5 kg | 15 kg | Other weights available upon request

Metric sizes:

0.8 mm | 0.9 mm | 1.0 mm | 1.2 mm

Imperial sizes:

0.03” | 0.035” | 0.04” | 0.045”

Private branding available